Old Sites

The sites below are examples of work I did in the past for businesses that, in most cases, are no longer operating. They are still good examples, so I’ve decided to upload each one to a subdomain and showcase them here. I have done my best to include an explanation for why the site is no longer operating.

Fighting Spirit Personal Safety was once a local business operating in eastern Michigan that taught safety and self-defense classes focused on women and children. When the owner and founder of the business decided to go national, she and I decided together that maintaining and promoting her online presence would take more time than any one person could afford to devote. She is now working with a large marketing firm.

The website for Midwest Tae Kwon Do is still in operation but has been taken over by one of the school’s black belt students as part of the requirement that each student “give back” to the school by volunteering.

WWII Restorations was operated by a former friend who has since moved on to working for another company and no longer has time to operate the business.

Patty’s Place Frederic was a coffee shop and bed & breakfast located in Frederic, MI. The owners are now retired and no longer operating the business.

Your School Flag was a collaboration with a web designer friend of mine in Ohio. The parent company of Your School Flag has since closed that division and is now focused on manufacturing office supplies. The e-commerce functionality of the site has been removed.

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